NFL Trade Deadline 2019: Redskins fielding calls on Trent Williams, Bucs willing to move O.J. Howard

The NFL’s midseason game of musical chairs wraps up on Tuesday afternoon with the trade deadline set for 4 p.m. ET. 

Leading up to this year’s deadline, we’ve already seen a solid amount of movement throughout the league. To this point, some of the headliners include Los Angeles Rams acquiring corner Jalen Ramsey, the Niners dealing for Emmanuel Sanders and New England trading for receiver Mohamed Sanu. On the eve of the deadline, running back Kenyan Drake was shipped out of Miami and to Arizona and defensive tackle Leonard Williams was sent across the hall of MetLife Stadium as the Jets traded him to the Giants. 

While we’ve already seen numerous trades go down, there’s plenty more dominos to potentially drop. The Redskins have seemingly changed course with star left tackle Trent Williams and are now fielding offers. Not only that, but Washington also appears willing to part with corner Josh Norman. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at least willing to listen on offers for tight end O.J. Howard, but they would need to be blown away to actually execute a deal. Some other names worth watching throughout the afternoon include receiver A.J. Green, corner Aqib Talib, wideout Robby Anderson and even running back Melvin Gordon. That said, those are just some of the many names that will be thrown into the rumor mill up until the actual deadline.

On top of the trades themselves, there will be plenty of other scuttlebutt that surrounds this deadline. We’re here to collect every newsworthy nugget, dissect it and break down what it means for both sides. To follow along with the latest happenings around the league, check out our live blog below. 

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