Apple’s AirPods with wireless charging case are $35 off

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What’s that? You have an iPhone? And you’re using wired headphones? With that dongle? Oh dear, oh dear.

Quickly, come here. Yes, that’s right, sit on my knee. Ahh, let’s move closer to the fire. That’s better, isn’t it?

Now, see that bag there? Exactly. Reach into it. No, not that, the other thing. Perfect.

You see these? These are a pair of Apple AirPods with wireless charging case. And if you’re on the hunt for a pair of true wireless earbuds and you’re a iPhone user, they’re pretty damn good.

Very clever, how did you guess? Well, however you did it, you’re right: these Apple AirPods with wireless charging case are currently on offer!

How much are they on offer? You cheeky little scamp. Well, they’re currently selling for $165, which works out as $35 off.

That’s right, run, child, run! Sprint as fast as you can towards that wonderful deal.

Now that, uhhh, section is over, let’s get into some more information.

Of course, AirPods aren’t for everyone (something we’ve discussed in more detail here), but I’ve found them to be an incredibly usable true wireless headphone that delivers a slick experience — especially when combined with an Apple device.

If you’re looking for audiophile-quality sound, then AirPods with wireless charging case might not be the best. But what they do offer is an unrivalled overall experience, from build quality, to battery life, and to sound, the AirPods might be the finest balanced true wireless headphones around.

Anyway, if that sounds like something you’re interested in, head over over to pick up the AirPods with wireless charging case for only $165. Enjoy that sweet sound, Apple fans.

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Published November 3, 2019 — 12:01 UTC


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