SNL: Kate McKinnon breaks down Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan, saying your insurance is like a ‘bad boyfriend’

“Hello, it is good to be here. Look at me, I’m in my natural habitat, a public school on a weekend,” McKinnon’s Warren said. “I just housed a Nature Valley bar in the hallway, so I am jacked up and ready to pop off.”

The NBC variety show then had the faux senator and democratic candidate explain how her Medicare For All plan would actually work.

“Hi, I work for Kamala Harris’ campaign, but I’m still undecided,” a person in the crowd played by Cecily Strong said. “I’d like to know why did it take so long for you to release your plan to pay for Medicare For All?”

McKinnon’s Warren thanked Strong’s character for the question because healthcare is her “Despacito.”

“When Bernie [Sanders] was talking Medicare For All, everybody was like, ‘oh, cool,’ and then they turned to me and was like, ‘fix it, mom!'” she said. “And I’ll do it because that’s what moms do. You know, with dad you eat birthday cake for breakfast and then go to Six Flags, and then I hold your hand while you throw up in my purse.”

Someone then asked McKinnon’s Warren how her plan compared to former vice president Joe Biden’s.
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“My plan compares favorably in that it exists,” she said. “Biden doesn’t know how to pay for stuff. He just puts down a $50 bill in the Amtrak dining car every few months.”

Finally, another person in the audience, played by Chloe Fineman, said that she doesn’t want to get rid of her healthcare plan.

“Your insurance is like a bad boyfriend. Girl, listen to me, you need to leave him,” McKinnon’s Warren said. “You deserve better!”

McKinnon’s Warren then asked if she had her vote.

“I don’t know,” Fineman’s character said. “Pete Buttigieg seems nice!”

McKinnon’s Warren then said, “ah, go to hell” before kicking off the show with its signature phrase, “Live… From New York! It’s Saturday Night!”

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