SNL’s Kellyanne Conway and the Baghdadi Raid’s Hero Dog Mock Trump

After a brief hiatus, Saturday Night Live returned this week, boasting host Kristen Stewart—who last took aim at Trump for his bizarre Twitter obsession with her—and musical guest Coldplay, who performed one of the most cursed woo-woo songs I’ve heard in a long time.

And, after a cold open featuring Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren (one of her better impressions, though the bit lacked any bite), struggling to explain to Iowans how she plans to pay for Medicare for All, the late-night show aired a White House press briefing featuring none other than Kellyanne Conway (again McKinnon).

“It is I, Kellyanne Conway, and if you’re watching this you are going to die in seven days,” she announced. “Mmkay. As you’ve probably noticed, the White House has not held a formal press briefing in eight months. We’ve kept our new press secretary in hiding because our past ones were mocked, humiliated, and forced to regain their dignity on Dancing with the Stars.”

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