Eisenberg’s Five Thoughts on Ravens vs. Patriots

Five thoughts on the Ravens’ 37-20 win over the New England Patriots Sunday night at M&T Bank Stadium:

If you have the Patriots down and don’t put them away, you usually regret it. Well, the Ravens had the Patriots down, way down, early in this game, and committed the ultimate no-no of making mistakes that let the reigning Super Bowl champions back into the game. Uh, oh. You knew why the fans, who had been rocking the joint, went quiet. They’d seen this movie before. But the movie ended quite differently this time. The Ravens kept their poise, never gave up the lead and pulled away to win because, in the end, Lamar Jackson’s offense was more dynamic than Tom Brady’s offense – markedly so. The Patriots came in unbeaten, led by a stout defense that had allowed next to nothing all season, but they left town looking quite human, as simply the latest team to be dazzled by Jackson’s running and passing. Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh put it so well last week: “For those paying attention, something special is going on, and it’s happening here in Baltimore.” Indeed, by winning their last two games against the Seahawks and Patriots, the Ravens have earned the right to set their sights as high as sights can go.

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