Giants vs. Cowboys: Live updates, score, results, game stats, highlights from ‘Monday Night Football’

Follow along with all the action as Dak Prescott and Daniel Jones go head-to-head

The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are duking it out on “Monday Night Football” and each are trying keep pace in the NFC East. It’s been a back-and-forth affair so far, but neither team wants to take advantage of the others’ mistakes. 

While Cody Latimer took the second-half kickoff to midfield, the Giants were unable to get anything going and were forced to punt just six plays later. Daniel Jones fumbled away the next Giants possession, which led to a Cowboys field goal, as Dak Prescott’s unit again stalled in the red zone. Another big Latimer return set the Giants up with a chance to take the lead, but the Giants also stalled in enemy territory and were forced to take three points. The Cowboys enter the fourth quarter with a one-point lead, let’s see if Saquon Barkley can finally get loose in the final minutes. 

Follow along with us in our live blog below.

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I think I would have ran the ball on that third down — to see if the Giants would use that third and final timeout or just let me run the clock down even more.

Giants will be forced to punt here and now I expect to see a lot of Zeke and Tony Pollard to kill as much clock as they can. New York only has two timeouts remaining.

Sean Lee was not going to let Barkley run free off a screen again. Completely sniffed it out, jumped the play and brought him down for a loss.

That’s two Cowboys touchdowns now that have gone for 40-plus yards.

Bethea wasn’t a play-maker on that one. The safety was brought to a standstill while trying to adjust his feet and catch Cooper in the open field.

Just absolutely wide-open holes in that secondary. A 45-yarder from Prescott to No. 19 for what should be the game-sealing score.

How do you leave Cooper that wide open?

You’re right, Tyler. There’s 8 minutes left but it sure feels like it’s over.

Amari Cooper with an absolute DAGGER. Goodnight everybody.

Dallas in Giants territory now, and Prescott finds Witten on the roll-out. The veteran TE gets 21 yards after breaking a tackle, but the refs bring it all back because of an illegal blindside block by Randall Cobb.

The flags (almost) keep flying. Alec Ogletree avoids a late-hit call after knocking Jason Witten out of bounds, then Antoine Bethea nearly gets dinged for a facemask on Ezekiel Elliott.

Especially after the officials refused to reverse the obvious PI on Evan Engram during the Giants’ last drive.

Not really sure that’s PI. A lot of hand checking, but nothing too crazy. Bad call.

No reason for Justin March to do that. Bad penalty. Why are you trying to hurt your team in a close game?

If, of course, they can stay disciplined and cut off the personal fouls. This game is getting chippy.

Cowboys will get a chance to really eat up some clock after the Giants’ latest field goal.

Michael Bennett hits Daniel Jones right in the chest on that third-down misfire out of the back of the end zone. Once again, the Giants settle for three. Story of this game.

No PI, say the refs. Par for the course.

I say the Giants “absolutely” have to score here because you can’t let one big play just be one big play. You don’t want to give the Cowboys the ball back with a lead and momentum — the next drive could put it away.

But yeah, Tyler, you’re probably right.

Even with their tendencies, I don’t know how you don’t reverse that. I mean, Engram was clearly contacted before the ball got there. It was bang-bang in real time, but this is what these reviews are for.

Officials are only going to reverse it if we have an NFC Championship level infraction.

That certainly does look like PI to me, but the NFL does not like to go back on their original rulings in this situation.

You’re right, Tyler. Both teams have struggled in the red zone tonight. Giants absolutely have to score a TD here.

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