‘I ignored it’; Alabama AD Greg Byrne reveals when he got the call Trump was coming

Even Alabama’s athletics director couldn’t believe it.

You know by now that President Donald Trump will attend Saturday’s game between Alabama and LSU at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa.

Greg Byrne caught wind on Sunday, but it apparently took a few calls to get through the AD.

“I got a call Sunday from a number I didn’t recognize…ignored it,” Byrne said during an interview with Paul Finebaum on Friday outside Moore Hall on the University of Alabama campus. “They called back…I ignored it…then they texted and said they really needed to talk to me.”

Finebaum asked what kind of logistical planning goes into getting the president into the stadium on a gameday in Tuscaloosa.

“Our team, our university community, the Tuscaloosa community, the people from the White House and everybody else have been really first rate in how it’s been handled,” Bryne said. “Obviously it’s been an interesting process.”

Byrne noted the Alabama staff has some presidential experience, when Trump appeared at Alabama’s College Football Playoff final against Georgia in January 2018.

“That wasn’t our event, so we weren’t managing, but we were involved in the logistics somewhat on that. It’s different here where it’s our event and our stadium.”

Byrne said he called LSU’s AD Scott Woodward on Monday night when Trump coming to the game was “starting to become a reality” so they could help plan on their end.

“As you can imagine, security is important. We’ve really been talking to our fans, especially for the last 24 hours,” Byrne said. “We want everybody in line by 1 p.m. for a 2:30 kickoff.”

He said that, overall, the response from people about the gameday adjustment has been “very good.”

Watch part of the interview between Finebaum and Byrne below.

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