iPhone 12 Leak-Based Renderings Info

Not long after the iPhone 11 was released, the internet has already begun speculation on how the iPhone 12 will look like, and thanks to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Phoneanalyst, there is now a rather convincing rendering of what the upcoming device may look like.

Most important, instead of a curved or beveled edge around the phone, we now see a design reminiscent of the revolutionary iPhone 4, with flat edges coming down the sides, turning the device into more of a slab. The top notch on the surface of the screen is also expected to be reduced in size, while a fourth additional camera will be added, speculated for AR support of Portrait Mode when shooting video.

For a better look at the renderings based on previous Apple leaks, take a look at the tweet below.

Elsewhere in tech, Apple may launch its first AR headset in 2020.

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