‘The Masked Singer’ Recap Season 2, Episode 7: Most Shocking Elimination Yet

This is it. There is officially no one left on “The Masked Singer” who can’t carry a tune, making these guesses infinitely harder.

Fox has done a great job of upping the ante and making things more challenging than ever for the viewers at home to decipher who is behind these masks. This week, five more of them hit the stage and it was a genuine shock when the ousted celebrity was unmasked.

Even more shocking was the addition of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, but even he got sucked into the kookiness of the show and was offering up real guesses by the end of it … when he wasn’t shredding Ken Jeong at every opportunity.

We’re hoping for some more great surprises like this along the way. Let’s just say we’ve learned to trust nothing we hear on this show, except for that singing voice. Accents, body language, everything can be faked.

Tonight, the weakest performer got the boot, but we’re going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love … to torture you.


Fox is a real stage performer, and a true professional. Is he a professional singer? If not, he’s been hiding one hell of a talent, which is why Jamie Foxx keeps getting thrown around. This was another polished performance with lots of vocal confidence, if nothing stellar in range this week.

Guesses: Look, this week’s clues mentioned a 30-year career — and this guy did the splits! — as well as that he was part of a pack, but we think the boy group hints are a misdirect. What if he is part of the ‘In Living Color’ pack, or even a Wayans brother?

He previously said he did his best work in late-night, and the Fox could be a nod to his network. Could Keenan Ivory Wayans still do the splits like that? He did host his own late-night talk show after his sketch show went off the air.

Nevertheless, Robin stuck with AJ McLean, while Nicole stood by her Jamie Foxx guess. His clue was a boombox and more references to a group. Ken actually had a solid guess with Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman, but we like our wild card guess. Meanwhile, a new front-runner emerged online.


Ladybug just grows more and more with each performance. This is easily her most polished and confident performance yet. Still, as it went along she sounded like a talented amateur, as if she has some vocal talent but perhaps little to no training and certainly not experience as a professional singer.

Guesses: Nicole thinks still this is Jamie Lynn Spears due to makeup and famous family clues, but Ken continues to stand by his guess that Ladybug herself doesn’t like one bit: Lindsay Lohan. Does that mean he’s right or is this another clue?

However, the born-into-a-famous-family clue doesn’t help there, so Jenny still thinks this might be Paris Jackson (and we did get a Peter Pan reference this week, which could point to Neverland.

The latest clue was an “All Access” golf cart and that Ladybug wasn’t afraid to get mud on her ties, so there’s that — said with a thickly southern accent. But is it real? Either way, Twitter was just as lost as everyone else.


Flower is an effortless old soul singer with an incredible range and a clearly iconic legacy. This is the legend for this season, someone who’s probably been at this for literal decades and just makes it look so easy. She doesn’t even have to move; she commands that stage.

Guesses: Ken stands by his Bjork clue, but we kind of think the clue package mention of “Oh So Quiet” was a misdirect for his benefit. But it’s the voice that pushed Robin into Patti LaBelle, while Jenny thought kitchen clues might be Anita Baker.

Triumph actually gave a real guess with Jennifer Holliday, but Twitter is fully on board and ringing the LaBelle train and they’re getting pretty passionate about it.


Tree may not think she’s a great singer, but she’s definitely a solid one. She’s taking on big songs and really making them her own. Her stage presence and performance might be lacking a bit (though she’s definitely digging the way the trees hips swing, but she’s got real chops.

Guesses: The latest “new girl in school” clue has us feeling Zooey Deschanel still, though we’re not sure we’ve ever heard her sign with such power. But this is the show to spotlight a new side of yourself.

Nicole took a “Strangers with Candy” reference back to Amy Sedaris, while Jenny was thinking Molly Shannon and Cheri Oteri (who is much shorter than Tree). Ken thought Lauren Graham before a clue about soup threw everyone.

But Zooey has shared soup recipes and done soup commercials so we still feel pretty good about our guess. Plus, she’s well-known once a year for singing in “Elf.” That said, Ana Gasteyer (from “SNL” and “A Christmas Story Live!”) is taking a commanding lead in online guesses, though there’s still some uncertainty.


Rottweiler is a definite front-runner in this thing with an incredible voice and range, as showcased with an Ed Sheeran track this week. The problem is that he sounded a lot like Ed in the vocal which makes it harder to discern who it was. But it’s a testament to his vocal strength.

Guesses: Ken thought Gavin DeGraw might be from NC, which was in the clue package again. We also learned about an unconventional path to stardom, which had Nicole thinking “Glee” and Darren Criss but we’re not buying that.

His physical clue was a drawing of Triumph that he did himself, leading to an adorable exchange between the two. Is Rottweiller from the Insult Comic Dog family? The shock! The scandal!

The internet pushed in a new direction, taking NC to Chris Daughtry, which is a pretty solid guess as well considering his own unlikely path to stardom on “American Idol.” Plus, the “Champ” chalk outline could indicate his frustration at his early elimination on a season many predicted he would win.



Honestly, this is one of the tougher guesses of the season, as all of the picks so far have had logical clues. Ladybug hates the idea of Lindsay Lohan, but that could be a misdirect. Paris Jackson makes sense, but so does Jamie-Lynn Spears. Still, Paris might be the strongest fit … or it’s someone completely off the board.

This was a good one, though, as it was Kelly Osbourne, which fit in with every single clue and yet only a few people online went there. “The Osbournes” was just long enough ago for people to have forgotten perhaps that inauspicious beginning to her career.

This is a perfect example of how this show can surprise you because these stars could come from unexpected avenues and surprise you with their vocal talent and range. At this point, there are no subpar singers left so it should be a fun run to the end.

Oh, and that means that all of that disdain at Lindsay Lohan guesses was real. Well, Kelly has never been shy about expressing her true feelings, and she’s spoken openly about Lindsay’s troubles before. Clearly there is no love lost here.

“The Masked Singer” continues with the Top 8 next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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