Trump impeachment hearings live updates

Prior to the recess, Yovanovitch testified that derogatory tweets by Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. in March repeated fabrications and attacks on her that State Department leaders knew to be baseless.

The tweets, she said, undermined the career diplomat’s ability to represent the U.S. effectively in Ukraine.

But when Yovanovitch asked for a statement of support to be issued by Pompeo, she said she was told the “seventh floor” of the State Department, where the secretary’s office is located, worried any such statement could be undermined by a subsequent Trump tweet.

Daniel Goldman, the Democratic staff attorney, began the line of questioning, noting the president and his son had repeated attacks that stemmed from an article by The Hill’s John Solomon, quoting Yuri Lutsenko, then Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

Lutsenko suggested to Solomon that Yovanovitch had spoken ill of Trump and cooperated with a scheme to help Clinton and undermine Trump’s campaign.

“Were these articles and allegations then promoted by others associated with the president of the United States?” Goldman asked.

“They seem to be promoted by those around Mayor Giuliani,” Yovanovitch replied.

Goldman then read aloud the tweet by Trump Jr., containing a link to Solomon’s writing with the line “we need less of these jokers as ambassadors.”

“What was your reaction to seeing this?” Goldman asked.

“Well, I was worried,” Yovanovitch said.

“What were you worried about?” Goldman asked.

“These attacks were, you know, being repeated by the president himself and his son,” she said.

A derogatory Trump tweet at the time also referenced Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

“Were you aware whether they received attention on prime-time television, on Fox News?

“Yes,” Yovanovitch said.

“Was the allegation that you are badmouthing President Trump true?”

“No,” Yovanovitch said.

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