Meghan Markle’s Outfits Have Created ‘The Meghan Effect’ — And It Changed One Designer’s Life

Meghan Markle has been married to Prince Harry for about a year and a half, and since then, she’s become somewhat of a fashion icon. Kate Middleton has always had a massive pull on the fashion industry (known as the “Kate effect”) based on what she wears to events, but Meghan isn’t far behind. And the “Meghan effect” has had a massive impact on one designer who opened up about how the duchess’ outfit choice changed his brand.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visit Australia in 2018; Meghan is wearing a dress by designer Dion Lee | Karwai Tang/WireImage

The royals are always closely watched by the public

The royal family is one of the most famous families in the
world, and they’re constantly
in the public eye
. With that said, their appearance in every sense always
needs to remain nearly perfect. Meghan Markle has been surrounded by negative
media since she first became involved with Prince Harry, but through it all,
she always puts on a strong face.

Kate Middleton has been one of the most poignant women in fashion since she married Prince William in 2012. But now that Meghan has joined the family, her looks are flying off the shelves, too.

The clothes the women wear become sold out within minutes

When Kate married William, she began appearing at royal engagements more often. And her outfits were always so tasteful that they often became a large part of the news coverage. When Kate’s outfit choice became the focal point of the royal engagement, it was clear she was having an effect on the industry. Her looks were always selling out; it became known as the “Kate effect” and proved the duchess had a massive pull on the fashion industry — more so than nearly any other woman in the world. Now, Meghan has created the same effect, rightfully dubbed the “Meghan effect.” The Duchess’ outfits are showcased in nearly every one of her royal engagements, and as soon as she wears something, it almost immediately sells out.

One designer said Meghan’s outfit choice for a royal engagement changed his life

In 2018, designer Dion Lee created a dress for Meghan to wear during her tour of Australia with Prince Harry. When the duchess was spotted wearing the dress during the trip, people immediately took to Lee’s website to purchase it. It quickly became a part of his 2019 resort collection. The dress retailed for $1,290 AUD but was so popular among Australians that it caused the designer’s website to crash. “It was a great way to introduce the brand to many people around the world as well,” Lee told Express.

Lee went on to say that the effect Meghan had on his brand was “a whole other level.” He noted that there were 600 pre-orders for the dress and his Instagram following jumped by 5,000 once people learned he was the designer.

The women have some of the greatest pulls on the industry

The royal women have
changed the fashion game
. Kate and Meghan are now two of the most
sought-after fashionistas in the world; anyone whose looks they wear instantly
becomes well-known. Meghan and Kate also have very different styles. Meghan has
more of a casual yet classy girl-next-door vibe, while Kate has a more formal
style. Combined, the women provide looks for any occasion, and people have
grown to love seeing what the duchesses will wear next.

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