Steve Harvey’s Daughter Lori Harvey Reappears For First Time Since Hit & Run Arrest

Fans were quick to show Lori love for her return to Instagram. One wrote, “Great come back!” and “Oh how I’ve missed you my love.”

“Finally @lori_harvey_ is back💃💃💃😍😍sisi/Titi 😂😂don’t ever disappear on us like that again😭😭#itsalllove♥️” said another.

One fan commented “Thank God you are doing well. @lori_harvey_ stay blessed 🙏🏾” and
“she’s baaaaccccckkkkk.”

One trolled, “Any reason why you haven’t posted in a month🤨😂😩 @lori_harvey_”

The majority of people showed her support writing, “Stay positive and surrounded yourself with positive people who wants you to win, genuinely, honest and wants the best for you” and “Ayeeee Lori backkk🙌🏾”

“Finally…….U been gone 4 2 long 😭😭😭😭.”

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