Chinese sports nutrition firm CPT sees opportunities in elderly market

The new products are Zhenxi, a collagen powder sachet for joint health and endurance exercise, and Jianjifen, a protein powder sachet containing concentrated and isolated whey protein for supporting speed-related exercises. 

The company said that the products were developed based on the seniors’ demand for muscle, bone, and joint strengthening supplements. 

It also launched a third product, Guwei – a blend of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. 

Muscle loss and a higher risk of osteoporosis are key factors affecting the elderly’s ability to exercise. 

According to a study completed by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDCP) in 2018, about 32% of the elderly over 65 years old were suffering from osteoporosis. 

The company added that sarcopenia amongst the middle-aged and elderly populations was a research focus for its chief scientific expert Professor Yang Zeyi, who is also the VP of the Chinese Sports Nutrition & Food Society (CSNFS).

Against the backdrop, the company said that product innovation for the middle-aged and elderly consumers has now become an “important R&D area”.​ 

In the same vein, data from Tmall​ showed that the middle-aged and elderly nutrition market presents good growth opportunities since they were the biggest health foods spenders last year.

An interesting trend is their growing interest in goat milk and camel milk powder. 

A tie-up 

Other than product launches, CPT also introduced a five-in-one service to complement its elderly sports nutrition products.

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