Celebrity fitness trainer inspired by Bruce Lee films

Kickboxing athlete, celebrity personal trainer and cover model Drew Neal is the personal trainer of Farhan Akhtar and Kareena Kapoor. He was drawn to fitness as a child and began training in karate when he was just five years old. He slowly graduated to kickboxing and soon fitness became a way of life for him. It was only in 1998 that he started personal training and went to a variety of gyms to understand how the business of fitness works. A decade later, Drew believes, that it is only hard work and consistency that can help one achieve the desired fitness level. He was in the city for the third edition of ‘Fit Bengaluru 3.0’. Drew chats with Metrolife about what got him hooked to fitness, training celebrities and more.      

Is it easy to train celebrities?

Training comes with its own challenges. Celebrities have to go through the same barriers anyone does with training and nutrition. I can speak first-hand when I say they sweat exactly the same way as all of us.

How did you get interested in karate?

I started with karate in 1985, mainly because my big brother did it. I followed him everywhere. We used to re-enact Bruce Lee movies together. He was always Bruce Lee and I was the student.

What is the best part about being in this profession?

For me, it is about helping people be the best they can be and going through the journey with them.

Who do you enjoy training and why?

Everybody has a unique personality, and I have to motivate them in different ways to get each of them to do what they need to. Getting the best out of people can be quite a
challenging task.

How have the techniques of kickboxing changed over the years?

The techniques have not really changed much. But the styles of fights and fighters have definitely evolved.

What kind of diet works for you?

I am not fussy about food. I know exactly how many calories I need to fuel my body and after years of measuring and weighing, I can pretty much eyeball quantities of food.

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