Rally in Topeka focuses on mental health


Most of us likely know someone suffering from a mental health illness. That can be things like depression, PTSD, schizophrenia or substance abuse.

“I have a mental disorder that causes me to lose focus on things,” said Dave Williams.

Williams is open about some of the mental health issues he is dealing with. He is a part of the Breakthrough Club in Wichita. It’s an organization that provides help for people with mental health issues. The group was at the state capitol Wednesday for a rally, hoping to get lawmakers attention and support. People at the rally were letting lawmakers know more services are needed and funding, too.

“I think it shows solidarity, it shows people are finally understanding that mental health can and has to have some solution, but it also has to have adequate funding,” said Rep. Diana Dierks.

The governor spoke at the rally letting the groups here know she is listening and while there is a lot of work to do, she says there is progress being made.

Groups like the Breakthrough Club want others to know, if you are struggling, you aren’t alone.

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