9 of the Most Over-the-Top Features of Celebrity Homes

A home is a reflection of its owner, and with all of the big personalities in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that celebrities have been known to invest in customizing their residences with luxurious, unexpected, and even downright wild features to reflect their personal passions, interests, and hobbies. From a private bowling alley to an entire room dedicated to trampolines, a wine cave to a massive skate park, these are a few of the things one can find in Hollywood’s most unique homes.

Oprah Winfrey’s wine cave

Oprah Winfrey is notorious for going the extra mile, and her Telluride, Colorado, home is no exception. The media mogul purchased the five-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom mansion from tech entrepreneur Bob Wall for $14 million back in December 2015, and with it reportedly came a treasure trove of high-end amenities, including a wine cellar built to mimic a mining tunnel. The cellar spans 56 feet and holds up to 1,600 bottles of vino; it even features piped-in sounds of creaking wood and dripping water to add to the cave-like atmosphere. An antique ore cart lends further authenticity to the space.

Lady Gaga’s bowling alley

When Lady Gaga isn’t busy lighting up a stage with her infectious energy or going glam on the red carpet, she can likely be found decompressing at her $23 million home in Malibu—and possibly even bowling. The eccentric singer and actor snapped up her Mediterranean-style villa back in 2014, and among its many enviable amenities is a two-lane bowling alley, located on a lower level that also boasts a home theater, a game room, and an 800-bottle wine cellar. A bocce ball court, eight-stall stable, and saltwater swimming pool are also available on the premises.

John Travolta’s private airport

John Travolta’s at-home airport.

Photo: Durston Saylor

John Travolta has always been a fan of aviation, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has two runways in the backyard of his Florida home. “We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment’s notice, and we succeeded at that,” he told Australia’s Today show back in 2014. The Grease star is a certified private pilot and has owned several aircrafts, including a Qantas Boeing 707 and a Challenger jet. Even the decor inside the home is aviation-themed, with an airport mural in the dining room and airplane models abound.

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