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Singer Jyotsna has captivated Malayalam music lovers for over 15 years now. Along with rendering melodious songs, Jyotsna finds thrill in travelling. “Journeys have been part of my life since childhood and I was fortunate to visit a number of places along with pursuing a busy musical career,” she says.

Most school students detest History, but Jyotsna was not among them. “Remembering all those dates and events from the past is a tough task for many youngsters. However, in my case, it was just the opposite. Incidentally, History was my favourite subject and I found learning about old events very interesting. While studying History in school, I dreamed of visiting all those places mentioned in the book,” says the celebrity singer.

Later, when she grew up Jyotsna could travel to a good number of these destinations. “Scenes like forts, palaces and temples give me immense pleasure,” says the songstress.


Luckily for Jyotsna, her spouse Srikanth too turned out to be a travel freak. Now the couple goes on a trip whenever free time is available. Moreover, Jyotsna and Srikanth conduct a planned journey every year. “After a destination is chosen, we literally conduct research into the place. The sightseeing spots, culture, accommodation and everything else are studied in detail with the help of Google,” says the singing sensation.

Another feature of Jyotsna’s journeys is that she prefers places of stay which offer an opportunity to interact closely with local people. “Who else but the local residents can enlighten you about the culture, traditions and life of the place?” she asks. On some occasions, Jyotsna seeks the help of translator tools to communicate.


Jyotsna has already travelled to almost all major destinations in the world. “These trips have been as part of music and other events as well as on a personal note. The list of places I’ve visited include the US, the UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, West Asia, Singapore, African countries including Botswana, Italy, France and Sweden,” she says.

In awe of Venice


Though she has been to so many countries, Jyotsna doesn’t have a favourite place. “Each region has its own beauty. However, I felt a special affection towards Italy. Moreover, Venice is such a stunning place. While in other cities people travel along roads, the main mode of transport at Venice is the canal network. Venice is a city that rises from the waterways and all shops, businesses and other establishment are located beside the canals. Known as ‘Floating city’, Venice stands between two rivers, Po and Piave,” informs Jyotsna.

A city with a long history, Venice also boasts of a rich collection of art. Artistic creations dating back to the Byzantine, Italian, Baroque and Gothic traditions are exhibited in various museums around the city.


Breathtaking Switzerland

Jyotsna found all countries she visited beautiful but thought that Switzerland had an additional charm. “It is a paradise on Earth with a landscape dominated by snow-covered hills and greenery,” comments the celebrity.

Every corner of Switzerland is scenic and the local residents have a big role in maintaining the natural beauty of the country. “You won’t fail to notice how clean the place is and how aesthetically it is protected,” says Jyotsna.

Meeting the cheetah

On the other hand, Jyotsna had a different kind of experience in the African country of Botswana. “There was a jeep safari through the forest and I could go close to several wild animals. I even touched the cheetah,” says the popular singer.

A fort in the sea

Among the places she has travelled to in India, it is the Murud-Janjira fort that Jyotsna found much interesting. “Several battles and historical events have taken place here. It is believed that the fort was built during the fifteenth century. The fort literally rises from the sea and 40-feet-high walls were constructed to resist any kind of attack. The fort is located on an island about half-a-km from the shore in the Arabian Sea,” she says.


There are numerous coconut and arecanut trees on the fort premises. Several towers where cannons and guns were kept in the past can also be seen. During its glorious days, the fort had 500 cannons but only a handful remain at present. Other sights inside the fort include water tanks, tombs and sculptures. “The sculpture of six elephants on the gate is particularly attractive. It symbolizes the battle skills of the Siddis, a tribe that controlled the fort in the past. Another striking feature of the fort is the presence of two ponds with potable water. It is a mystery of nature how a pure water source was formed on an island in the sea,” continues the singer.

Dream destinations

Jyotsna wishes to travel to all parts of the world and has a bucket list of dream destinations. “Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Japan and Russia top the list and our next trips would be to these countries,” she says.

Though busy singing and running her own YouTube channel, Jyotsna is clear that her dream journeys would materialize soon.

Meanwhile, in Kerala Jyotsna has visited tourist spots like Munnar, Wayanad and Ponmudi.

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