Celebrity journalist reports that Roy Kim is innocent of misconduct in Jung Joon Yoon’s chatroom

A celebrity reporter has stated that Roy Kim is innocent of sexual misconduct. 

The February 24th broadcast of Channel A‘s ‘Rumour Has It’ addressed Roy Kim’s situation. Celebrity journalist Kim Ji Hyun stated: “Many people don’t know that Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, and Choi Jong Hoon were part of a fishing group chat. Fishing as in catching actual fish. In that room, there was a dissemination of pornographic images of an entertainer at the time. That’s why Roy Kim captured a picture from a blog to clarify and say ‘that’s not that person in the picture’ and this fact became twisted to him saying that he was releasing pornographic images. He didn’t upload the image to release pornographic images but to say that the picture was edited.” 

The reporter continued stating: “He didn’t receive any sentence but just the fact that he was investigated is continually degrading his image. So he can’t promote as of now and I wanted people to know this unknown story.”  

Roy Kim was under scrutiny after it was revealed that he was being investigated as a member of Jung Joon Young’s chatroom. 

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