Lincoln business struggling due to mild winter conditions

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Most people in Lincoln are probably excited about a more mild winter than last year, but a Lincoln small engine repair business is struggling to get business.

Brodd’s Small Engine Repair said business has been slow because of the mild winter.

Brodd’s Small Engine Repair sells outdoor power equipment including lawnmowers and snow blowers. It also fixes both for people. Tim Brodd, the owner of the repair store, said his business solely relies on the weather.

“You could be stocked up fully with parts,” Brodd said, “And two or three days later you could be out of parts. If it doesn’t snow, you’re going to sit on those parts all winter long, so it’s really difficult to try and plan.”

Brodd said he was selling snowblowers rapidly at the beginning of winter, but it has died down since the weather has been mild.

While he’s not selling or fixing as many snowblowers, Brodd said he’s already planning for the spring.

“To offset a possibly slow season would be to not turn away service work,” Brodd said, “We’ve been bringing in mowers since late summer and early fall just to prepare for the winter like we’re having.”

Brodd said he expects business to pick back up this spring as the weather will be more steady and several people will need to buy or get their lawnmowers fixed.

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