Photos show Italy on lockdown because of a spike in coronavirus cases

  • Italy is now the focal point of the novel coronavirus outside Asia.
  • Over four days, there was a rapid spike in confirmed cases in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto — increasing from three confirmed cases on Friday to 283 by Tuesday.
  • Authorities have closed down 12 towns as they try to stop the virus from spreading.
  • Photos show what it looks like on the ground.
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Italy is now the European epicenter for the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.

It was a dramatic weekend for coronavirus cases in Italy. On Friday morning, there were only three confirmed cases. By Tuesday, more than 283 had been confirmed and a seventh person had died. According to The Washington Post, cases of the coronavirus are rising, nearly every hour.

Authorities still don’t know where the coronavirus originated in Italy, which makes it hard to track and stop the outbreak. Cases have also been confirmed in Tuscany and Sicily.

Authorities put 12 towns on lockdown and closed some of the country’s most famous attractions to curb the virus’ spread. Wary citizens are stockpiling food.

Here’s how Italy is dealing with the coronavirus, in photos.

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