ICYMI: A Bush lost in Texas last night

Former President George H. W. Bush’s grandson Pierce Bush ran for Congress in Texas and in Tuesday night’s Republican primary, he fell short in a 15-way race.

There’s more nuance to this than just a Bush losing in Texas — he jumped into the race late in a district in which he did not live (which is allowed, but can become weaponized in a contentious campaign).

Bush had initially considered running in another district, in a seat once held by his grandfather.
Here’s how Rice University political scientist Mark Jones explained it to the Texas Tribune:

“Pierce Bush’s failure to reach the runoff suggests that the market for the Bush family brand of compassionate conservatism is nowhere near as strong as it was 20 to 30 years ago when his grandfather and uncle enjoyed widespread support within the Texas GOP,” Jones said.

But there’s more:

“At the same time, it is important not to read too much into this race, since Pierce Bush’s candidacy was undercut from the outset by the launch of his campaign less than three months prior to election day as well as the legitimate critiques against him of being a carpetbagger who only moved into the district after launching his candidacy.”

But Bush’s loss won’t tamp down on speculation that the family’s brand is watered down in Texas — especially as President Donald Trump continues to consolidate his hold on the party nationally.

The Point: Super Tuesday delivered a down-ballot blow for the Bush family.

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