How the coronavirus outbreak is harming a small business in Detroit

DETROIT – As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, so is the impact it is having on lives and the economy.

One Detroit-based business is seeing this firsthand.

Clothing company Fly Behavior is having trouble getting items to sell because, as many companies, they rely on Chinese manufacturing.

“Listen, everything comes from China,” Tiffany ‘Tee’ Capel said.

That’s holding things up for her business.

“Fly Behavior is a women’s apparel brand,” Capel said.

Most of her items — dresses, blazers, pants, jumpsuits — all come from China. She can’t get any of her orders because of the coronavirus.

Capel said the latest travel bans and airlines canceling flights to that region are making it harder for her to receive any of her items.

“So, you get into this issue where the shipping is delayed or even shipped out, but it’s sitting in customs or there’s no urgency because I mean, there’s a crisis going on,” Capel said.

Her latest orders are custom made parka coats. She requested them back in December and they’re still in China, inside boxes at a warehouse.

“From December to now, probably about 60 different orders that have been held up for like two months, well, since then,” Capel said. “Some people are understanding and some are like, ‘Well, I want my money back,’ so you kind of lose out on both ends. I’m definitely taking a hit, but I’d rather not put my customers and myself as a business in that position.”

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