Celebrity doctor raises B2.8m in fight against Covid-19 outbreak

Celebrity doctor Smith “Mor Oak” Arayaskul received public donations worth 2.8 million baht on Friday to buy protective gear for medical personnel fighting against Covid-19.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Dr Smith said he and a group of doctor friends were mounting a campaign called Thejai Hai Mod Ngan (Pouring our hearts out for the working ants) to help raise funds to purchase equipment for frontline medical staff battling the virus outbreak.

Within hours, he said, donations made to a dedicated website rose to 1.1 million baht. After the one-day campaign, which began at 11am and wound down at 9pm, money raised totalled 2.8 million baht.

Dr Smith said that medical apparatus, especially face masks, is in short supply for staff who are constantly exposed to the health risk.

He also announced that campaign organisers will buy 1,100 sets of protective gear for 1,000 medical staffers involved in containment efforts.

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