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“There are currently few approved drugs available specifically for the treatment of this fast growing and poor-outcome type of breast cancer,” said Morris, a molecular oncology specialist and former clinician and researcher at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Untreated, the cancer is likely to metastasize to the brain and parts of the body, and the five-year survival rate is then only a little over 10%, so there is an urgent need for an effective therapy, he said.

EnduRx previously received a $1.75 million Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop a prototype of its drug delivery system.

EnduRx was launched in 2013 by Actus Biotechnologies, a technology development firm that had offices in Oro Valley and was highlighted in Tucson Tech in November 2013.

The company is now part of Obduro Biotechnologies, a San-Diego company formed in 2019.

David Loynd, who worked as a CPA for Actus and became president and CEO of EnduRx in 2015 as Actus withdrew, said EndurRx is a “virtual company” with key employees and consultants located in Memphis, Tennessee, Austin, Texas, Houston, Boston, Scottsdale, San Diego and elsewhere.

Loynd said that, as he now leads the company from Tucson, the company is positioned to put down deeper roots here. He said the company plans to use core research facilities at the University of Arizona and carry out pre-clinical activities in Scottsdale, and is open to working with large local biotechs like Roche Tissue Diagnostics, HTG Molecular and Icagen, as well as local startups.

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