We’ve got you covered with no sports on TV

There is no toilet paper in our stores and no sports on our televisions. Tumbleweeds gust through our arenas. Lists abound sharing the best historic games available online, transforming the unpredictability of sports into a sad facsimile of your Netflix queue. 

ESPN is replaying recent basketball games. Soon, the network will be dipping into the archives for games broadcast in standard definition 😲. We’re not far from retro World Strongest Man competitions returning to afternoon programming 💪💪💪. That development may actually be embraced on a national scale.

Sports are gone, and no, we don’t know when they’re coming back. Already, MLB has pushed back its start another eight weeks in accordance with new guidelines supplied by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The NBA has suspended play indefinitely. Likewise with the NHL and MLS. The NCAA tournament has been canceled. One shining moment has become none.

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