Keith Lemon spotted in the pub after coronavirus symptoms shut down Celebrity Juice

Keith Lemon has been spotted in the pub amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the fact that the Government have issued new guidelines about social distancing, Keith was spotted enjoying a couple of drinks in a post Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

The star was sent home from Celebrity Juice studios just a few days ago after he displayed symptoms of COVID-19.

Keith admitted that he was suffering with a fever as he experienced ‘hot and cold’ flushes, as well as having aches and pains throughout his body and a chesty cough.

The 48-year-old’s temperature was also said to be 38C.

As a result, the show’s audience was rushed out from the studios and Celebrity Juice was shut down until further notice.

Despite this, Keith went to the pub today, and broke coronavirus guidelines of avoiding large gatherings of people, as well as pubs and clubs and other public places.

Keith Lemon has been spotted in the pub amid the coronavirus pandemic

The hilarious telly host dismissed emergency advise from the Government as he happily wandered in and out of the cosy pub, while hugging his pals before slugging some pints earlier today.

Keeping the cold at bay, Keith wrapped up in a monochrome woolen fleece.

The TV host also donned a scarf around his neck, which might well have been due to the fact that he hasn’t been feeling well over the past number of the days.

Government guidelines further ruled out people gathering together in pubs and clubs, as well as other public places

Keeping the cold at bay, but not the coronavirus, Keith wrapped up in a monochrome woolen fleece

Keith greeted his pal at the door of the pub, and broke all social distancing guidelines as he opened his arms up for a close embrace with his friend.

The Mirror Online have contacted Keith’s representatives for a further comment on the matter.

His ill-advised rendezvous comes after Keith was sent home from Celebrity Juice studios after falling ill.

The Celebrity Juice host, 48, fell sick while filming which meant that the TV audience to be sent home.

The TV host admitted he had been suffering with “hot and cold” flushes as well as aches and a little cough amid the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe.

The star greeted his pal at the door with open arms

Keith hasn’t been keeping at a social distance from pals

The star was sent home from Celebrity Juice after falling ill

Keith reiterated to his fans he did not have coronavirus but he said he hadn’t been feeling well since Thursday.

A doctor was on site to take Keith’s temperature before he entered Elstree Studios in Borehamwood because there was no one able to replace him for the evening.

He said: “It’s not man flu. I’m just a bit dizzy and as I say achey and got a little cough but not worth talking about.

“I’m just really tired.

Keith was pictured enjoying a pint in the cosy pub

The star enjoyed some quiet time with friends amid the coronavirus hysteria

“I let the dog out and I felt like a 90-year-old man. I keep feeling right cold. I keep getting hot and cold. In bed, I’m super hot and then I’m shaking freezing. I’ve got fatigue.

“I’ve got my hat and scarf on because I feel freezing. It should be a big scarf but I start sweating”.

It comes after Holly Willoughby reportedly fled the Celebrity Juice studio amid the current crisis.

Keith was seen texting as he departed the pub

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The ITV2 host, whose real name is Leigh Francis, said that he was running a fever and a high temperature but had been given the all-clear by doctors to continue filming.

The episode, which saw its stars in fancy dress as they filmed in front of a live studio audience, was brought to a halt and with Keith looking a bit peaky, This Morning host Holly decided to make a sharp exit before she got caught up in the coronavirus crisis.

The Sun has reported that Keith had a temperature of 38C and was coughing but wanted to “soldier on”.

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