Katie Hopkins slams celebrities for ‘fishing for attention’ during coronavirus lockdown

Katie Hopkins has called out celebrities for ‘fishing for attention’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

The outspoken former Apprentice star, 45, didn’t hold back as she begged celebrities to stop posting make-up free selfies during lockdown before branding them ‘less important than dogs’.

While in self-isolation, she appeared to have taken issue with celebrities posting pictures where they don’t wear makeup and has been creating a number of video complaints.

“Celebs. STOP trying to fish for attention. We don’t need singing, make up free selfies. Or those weird bikini snaps that show the hard shoulders of your foof,” she wrote in her Twitter post.

In the video, Katie donned a t-shirt reading “What would Katie Hopkins do?” as she spoke in front of a Union Jack blended with the U.S flag.

Katie Hopkins criticised celebrities during the coronavirus pandemic

Opening her two minute video with a warning that she has already told celebrities once, Katie launched a scathing critique of celebrities using their platforms during self-isolation.

“Now you’re posting videos and selfies of yourself without any makeup and without your hair done to show how you’re being affected by being isolated without your makeup artist or your hairdresser.”

The mum-of-three then launched into an explanation where she branded celebrities as ‘not that important’ in comparison to dogs, and the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world.

Katie Hopkins shared the message on Twitter

“Over here we have a global pandemic, people dying, nurses, NHS workers with bruises on their faces from wearing their face mask, people on the front line, supermarket workers, people working as funeral directors. Very, very important.”

“Celebrities – even without hair and makeup – very unimportant. Dogs, very important. People dealing with the global pandemic and the global pandemic, the most important.”

The mum-of-three then encouraged celebs to wait until the pandemic is over before posting anymore adverts.

Katie Hopkins has been critical on social media about celebrities

“So for now you just need to tuck yourselves away, wait till this is all over and then as soon as we’re good to go you can come out, you can advertise your perfumes, doing something random in a big dress.”

“You can be in a movie and regurgitate lines written for you by someone else.

“You can look really pretty and show us how you can wear a bikini really, really small. Even with that weird bit of your foof out on the right and left side of the bikini bottoms that no-one really wants to see. You can do that.”

Outspoken Katie has been getting frustrated with celebrities during the pandemic

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“Can show us how big your a**e is. You can get your t**s out.”

“Do all of that, just wait a minute and we don’t need to see that you still look good without your hair and makeup.”

Katie Hopkins was trending on Twitter earlier today after news broke that Boris Johnson has coronavirus. Sharing her thoughts on the trending hashtag, Katie wrote: “Imagine trending in the U.K. because people hope you have the #coronavirus.”

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