Getting over the mental hurdle of a temporarily sports-less world

HOUSTON – Sports bring people together and the loss of all major sporting events has been felt by fans and athletes throughout the country.

“Sports play a tremendous role in the development of our youth in terms of social ties, learning life skills, and getting energy out and getting activity. And all that does for the human brain, and all that does for positive attitude and energy,” said Brian Cain, one of the country’s top sports performance coaches.

Cain points to the viral videos of neighbors exercising while social distancing as a perfect example that the sense of community doesn’t have to be lost.

“I think if there’s any good to come out of this entire thing, it would be that communities that are bonded by watching a physical activity… let’s now have those communities be bonded by participating in a physical activity,” said Cain.

One thing Cain recommends? With no sports to watch, read a book, learn a new skill and try to be productive.

“This exposes what we call the E-to-E ratio, which is education vs entertainment,” explained Cain. “If you look at what most people spend their limited free time doing, it’s filling it with entertainment,” said Cain.

For sports fans and athletes alike, it’s hard not having a solid end date on when things will go back to normal.

“They’re looking for an end date to the corona season, so they can get back to their normal way of life,” said Cain. “As humans, we love to have a goal, we love an end date.”

And for little league players, kids who may not understand or miss their teammates, it’s an opportunity for a lesson learned.

“The biggest thing is doing what you can with what you have,” said Cain.

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