Tru Wash pursues business success during pandemic crisis

During this time when standing car washes are closed and many people are staying home and distancing themselves from others, being a mobile business has its advantages.

Tru Wash, owned by Cortez Williams, is a mobile car wash and detailing service that will come to you.

“The car washes are closed right now and many people don’t want to come outside,” Williams said. “So that’s where Tru Wash comes in. We will come to you and clean your vehicle.”

With the weather warming up and pollen in the air, there are lots of dirty vehicles out there and not a lot of options.

Cortez Williams, left, and son Richard, at an appointment Wednesday. The two do mobile detailing and carry everything they need in the back of a small truck. They avoid contact with their customers and wear protective masks.

Photo by
Les Minor/Texarkana Gazette.

“Current circumstances can be a bit of a boost for businesses like mine,” he said. “I’m getting lots of calls. We offer basic wash, vacuum, wipe down, interior and exterior. We don’t do shampoo, but we do offer vacuuming and polish.”

He brings everything he needs with him — including the water. Tools of the trade include a power washer, vacuum cleaner and small generator. A large reservoir of water sits on the back on his truck.

Williams has been running Tru Wash for three years. He worked for a long time at a tire company and got lots of experience washing cars.

“A co-worker suggested going into business for myself. I thought about it for a long time and decided to do it,” he said. “I built up a clientele base, and when the time was right, I started Tru Wash.”

Williams got his start washing cars at age 6, and continuing the tradition, he employs his 12-year-old son, Richard, in the business.

“I like it, earning my own money,” Richard said. “It is good and I’m already saving it.”

Williams said one of the keys to the business is never taking one’s customers for granted.

“I appreciate my customers, and we go a long way for them,” he said. “We have them as far away as Hope, New Boston, and generally, we serve a 30-mile radius around Texarkana.”

For those trying to get an auto detailing business up and going, Williams encourages them to soldier on.

“Keep it up, don’t give up, even with things tough right now. This will be over with soon,” he said.

(Contact Tru Wash Mobile Detailing at 903-244-7831.)

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