Famous Celebrity Cancers – Men and Women Like Ariana Grande


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Let’s discuss how much of a blessing Cancers are. The fourth sign of the zodiac gets a rep for being super-emosh and sensitive, but is that really so bad? We all could use a bit more empathy, and these summer babies know more about that than anyone. Most people feel comfortable sharing their life stories and deepest, darkest secrets with Cancers because of the caring energy they exude. As water signs, they know how to make everyone around them feel safe. Who wouldn’t want that type of person to have at their side?

This sign isn’t just sensitive and understanding though, they also know how to have a good time. A lot of Cancers have the quirkiest sense of humor. They’re the people who are the first to understand the joke and find hilarity in the most subtle situations. They place a lot of importance on tradition and the people they love, so they absolutely thrive during birthdays and holidays. Cancers are just sentimental and want to make sure everyone is having a good time, okay?

Considering all this, it makes sense that Cancers living in the public eye can captivate people. Their relatability combined with their star power makes a real impact on fans. Many Cancer celebs know just how to communicate with their audiences on a personal level through their work, which is why they’re so adored. Below, check out 21 examples of lovable stars that were all born during Cancer season.


Ariana Grande: Born June 26, 1993

Ari once wisely asked, “oooof do cancers have the ability to do anything other than feeeeeeeeel feel feeeeeeeel feel feeeeeel.” We’ll let you know when we find out, girlie.


Solange: Born June 24, 1986

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Solange loves a lunar headpiece. Coincidence? I think not.


Selena Gomez: Born July 22, 1992


Khloe Kardashian: Born June 27, 1984

As the sole Cancer of the Kardashians, it makes sense that Khloe is often the family mediator.


Tom Hanks: Born July 9, 1956

Cancerians’ warm, nurturing energy usually means they’re the designated “mom friend” or “dad friend” of any group. I guess that’s why good ol’ Tom Hanks has been crowned “America’s Dad” on numerous occasions.


Meryl Streep: Born June 22, 1949

Meryl is obvi an iconic actress who ~has the range~. She’s proof of how well Cancers can relate to anyone and everyone, making it more believable when they embody characters. Props to y’all.


Jaden Smith: Born July 8, 1998

Cancers will always stand up for the little guy. Case in point: Jaden is currently working to provide clean drinking water to communities that don’t have access to it.


Lana Del Rey: Born June 21, 1985

Despite the long running rumor that Lana is a Gemini, let the record show that she belongs to the Cancers! Don’t get it twisted!


Post Malone: Born July 4, 1995

Pure emo Cancer energy radiates off this guy in the best way. Listen to his track “I Fall Apart,” for further evidence.


Princess Diana: Born July 1, 1961

The People’s Princess was known for how down-to-Earth she acted, despite her royal status. That’s bound to happen when you give a Cancer a title! Fun fact: lil Prince George is also a member of the Cancer crew.


Jacob Elordi: Born June 26, 1997

Despite the astonishingly evil bully he plays on Euphoria, Elordi is your typical Cancer softie in real life. There are images of him cuddling with puppies to prove it. See??


Malala Yousafzai: Born July 12, 1997

Malala was the youngest Nobel Prize laureate ever. Cancers, y’all really won this round.


Alessia Cara: Born July 11, 1996

Here,” the song that put Alessia on the map, was all about how much she’d rather be in bed than at a party. When a Cancer decides it’s time to go home, they really mean it. Please don’t come in between them and their beds.


Will Ferrell: Born July 16, 1967

You know that kooky Cancer humor? Here’s its poster boy.


Margot Robbie: Born July 2, 1990

Another Cancer that’s a box office queen… there’s just something about the season.


Priyanka Chopra: Born July 18, 1982


Giselen Bündchen: Born July 20, 1980

Yes, she’s an iconic supermodel, but she’s a true Cancer at heart. Gisele once told Vogue, “I’m a Cancer…The little crab. Loves the home, her sanctuary, all the cozy things. So I was a fish out of water in fashion. I was always like, Let me go to the job and go home.”


Chris Pratt: Born June 21, 1979

If any Avenger was bound to be a Cancer, it’s Star-Lord. The nostalgia-infused Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks are a Cancer’s dream.


Mindy Kaling: Born June 24, 1979

It feels like Mindy is everyone’s imaginary BFF—that’s the Cancer relatability factor!


Kristen Bell: Born July 18, 1980

Like most Cancers, the Frozen star is a huge animal lover. Her Cancerian emotions made her go viral when she got to meet one of her fav creatures, a sloth. She said it herself: “I’m crying if I’m too sad, I’m crying if I’m too happy.”


Larry David: Born July 2, 1947

If any of the outlandishly awkward situations on Curb Your Enthusiasm took place IRL, odds are that most Cancers would giggle rather than judge.

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