Asian American community collects PPE to donate to health care workers, first responders

“Since I stay at home, I’m practicing social distancing. I don’t need KN-95 masks, so I donated that part to medical workers,” he said.

Ye is just one of dozens of people in the Asian American community who is using his connections to get supplies for the community.

“We started the online donation through the Albuquerque Community Foundation,” said Xiang He, a member of Albuquerque’s Chinese American community.

Within days, people donated thousands of dollars. More than 8,000 masks were collected by April 9.

A group of volunteers from the community also spent hours at a park collecting donations of medical supplies.

“All kinds of medical supplies. All from personal, they have bought earlier to protect themselves and now they try to help the medical personnel,” said Haikun Zhang, a member of Albuquerque’s Chinese American community.

“Even though we are the Chinese American community, we are together. We live together, we work together, whatever,” said Shifeng Yang,  community member. “You health care worker or first responder in the front—we need to do something to support you guys.”

The Chinese American community has collected thousands of pieces of PPE including masks, gloves and goggles.

“Everyone regardless of our race, where we’re from—we’re all immigrants to the United States regardless of our religious belief, regardless of our gender, regardless of our age,” He said. “We really need to stand together—be united to fight against the virus.”

The collected equipment will be given to health care workers and first responders.

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