Science lessons from the comfort of your couch

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio)  While children are out of school, there are plenty of livestreams and online activities for kids who enjoy science. 

“Stuck at Home Science” is live every weekday afternoon at 1 from the California Science Center, and each session includes at-home activities.

If you’re into DIY experiments, then the Frost Science at Home has plenty of options.

The American Museum of Natural History has a lot to offer. Their Ology science website has games and activities for kids on a range of topics including archaeology, marine biology, anthropology and genetics.


Their Khan Academy course explores subjects such as evolution, earthquakes and volcanoes. Or for a look behind the scenes, visit the museum’s YouTube channel.

Teen science fans can delve into topics such as polar ecosystems, renewable energy and the anatomy of the sun at Nova Labs at PBS.

Or if you want to talk directly with a scientist, Skype a Scientist has more than 2,000 experts available for live Skype chats.  

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