Americans don’t ‘get’ electric vehicles or self-driving tech — but it’s not their fault

Many well-known marques like Ford, MINI, BMW, and GMC, have announced or are launching exciting electric vehicles this year — but it seems many Americans still don’t quite understand them.

On an index of 100, public confidence in EVs flatlined at 55 points, showing neither increase of decrease over the previous quarter — this is according to a survey* of US citizens conducted in Q1 2020, by consumer insight firm JD Power.

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The survey found that some 70% of Americans surveyed hadn’t even sat in an electric vehicle, and 30% said they know nothing about them. As a result, it’s unlikely we’ll see a significant uptick in EV sales in the US any time soon.

The upside of electric vehicles

Across the pond, a similar survey in the UK told a subtly different story earlier this month.

With many lockdown policies in force around the globe, the number of car journeys has dropped significantly. It’s had a positive impact on the environment with cities around the world reporting a drop in pollution.

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Credit: Siemens