Live televised NFL Draft a welcome change of pace from sports reruns

We interrupt this ongoing global pandemic to bring you some semblance of normalcy:

It might have been from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s basement, but how nice was it for sports fans – and athletes – to see some regularly scheduled sports programming for a change?

The NFL Draft, despite being held virtually given COVID-19 all but shutting down the wide world of sports, continued with its originally scheduled time and date after sports schedules, seasons and all other events ended up getting cancelled or postponed.

“I’d never really been someone that watched the draft and I watched almost the entire thing,” Ottawa Redblacks offensive lineman Mark Korte said from his off-season home in Spruce Grove. “It was just so good to see sports on TV, see highlights and just to have that discussion of that kind of news in the sports world. I think everybody was just so hungry to have something going on in sports.

“So I was happy to watch it.”

It was about as a slick a production as could be expected, with the majority of the broadcast giving a look outside the studio and into the homes of football executives, coaches, players and fans.

“I was surprised. I wondered how it was going to go doing everything online over video and everything, but it seemed to go pretty smooth,” Korte said. “And the CFL Draft’s always been virtual.”

Even so, the CFL appears to be taking a page from its southern counterpart and will be bringing viewers into the homes of TSN broadcasters.

In answering a Twitter poll asking if people will be watching the Canadian draft, TSN’s Farhan Lalji posted: “If for no other reason, so you can see my living room.”

For now, back to your regularly unscheduled deprogramming …


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