Kim Kardashian and Other Celebrities Sound off on Vanessa Bryant’s Touching Tributes to Gianna

Friday marked what would have been the birthday of Gianna Bryant, the daughter of Vanessa and Kobe Bryant. Gianna and her father were both killed in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26, along with seven others. In honor of her daughter, Vanessa posted a heartfelt message on Instagram with a request for those wanting to pay tribute to Gianna.

“Gianna loved to wear a red bow in all of her school pictures,” Vanessa wrote in her post. “Red means love and life. To commemorate Gigi’s birthday today, please consider wearing red, caption an act of kindness or show how you will play Gigi’s way since she always gave everything she did her all and led with kindness. Please use the hashtag #PlayGigisWay. Thank you. 5-1-06 Mambacita.” Vanessa also posted photos of red bracelets, which prompted Kim Kardashian and other celebrities to do the same.

Following this tribute on social media, several prominent figures posted photos of themselves wearing red bracelets in honor of Gianna. LeBron James, Khloe Kardashian and others wanted to remember the young basketball star while honoring Vanessa’s request. These posts led to multitudes of social media users also following suit and finding ways to remember Gianna on her birthday.

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