What Businesses Can Reopen in Each Phase of Illinois’ New Plan? – NBC Chicago

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker unveiled the state’s phased
reopening plan on Tuesday as officials begin to lay out when various businesses
and facilities can reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The state is currently in Phase Two of the plan, which lays
out five different phases of reopening amid the pandemic.

Here’s what can open in each of the five phases:

Phase 1 – Rapid Spread:

This phase, which Illinois was under from March 21 to May 1, includes strict stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines. Only essential businesses remain open.

Phase 2 – Flattening:

This phase began on May 1 throughout Illinois.

-Non-essential retail stores can reopen for curbside pickup
and delivery.

-Elective procedures can resume at healthcare facilities
once IDPH criteria are met.

-Outdoor facilities, including golf courses, boat launches,
and fishing piers can reopen, but must adhere to social distancing protocols.

-Some state parks can also reopen.

-Only essential manufacturing facilities can be open.

Phase 3 – Recovery

This phase, which can begin no earlier than May 29, will begin when the rate of infection among those surveillance tested and the number of patients going to hospitals or requiring ICU beds stabilizes, or begins to decline over a 14-day stretch.

-Non-essential manufacturing facilities can reopen with
capacity and other social distancing limits implemented.

-Offices may also reopen with strategic social distancing

-Non-essential travel can resume, while following CDC guidance.

-Healthcare providers allowed to open with safety guidance
in place.

-Retail stores may reopen with social distancing guidelines
and occupancy limits in effect.

-Limited childcare and summer programs open with IDPH
approved safety guidance.

-Barbershops and salons may reopen with special protocols
and specific limitations in place.

-Gyms and health clubs can provide outdoor classes and
one-on-one personal training.

-Gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed.

Phase 4 – Revitalization:

The rate of infection among those surveillance tested and the number of patients being admitted to  hospitals continues to decline before this phase can be implemented.

*Note: All reopened facilities in this phase will do so with guidance from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

-Restaurants and bars may reopen to patrons, with capacity
limits in place.

-Child care facilities and schools can reopen.

-All healthcare providers are open.

-All outdoor recreation is allowed.

-Gatherings of 50 or fewer people are permitted.

-Spas, salons and barbershops can increase capacity limits.

-Movie theaters are reopened, with capacity limits and IDPH
approved safety guidance.

Phase Five – Illinois Restored:

This phase can only be implemented once a vaccine or enhanced COVID-19 treatment is available.

-Large gatherings of all sizes may resume.

-All businesses, schools and recreation will resume normal

-Concerts, festivals and conventions can take place.

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