50 Celebrities Share the Best Advice Their Moms Ever Gave Them – SheKnows

Like it or not, your mom has probably given you some seriously sage advice over the years — whether you wanted to hear it or not. And while “I told you so” isn’t a phrase we love hearing, there’s a reason our moms are so wise: they’ve done this before and know first-hand the challenges we’re facing. Plus, they want what’s best for us. So maybe that’s why so many celebrities turn to their moms for advice — from Ashley Graham to Gabrielle Union, Amy Schumer, and more, these stars credit their mamas with giving them the advice they need to be their fiercest and most fabulous selves. And no better day to celebrate mom’s wisdom than Mother’s Day.

So, what kind of encouragement did these A-listers get growing up? Many stars say their mom’s best piece of advice was to believe in who they were, chase what made them happy and be prepared to work hard — something these dedicated entertainers clearly took to heart. Others remember key relationship advice from their moms or the beauty secrets behind their signature looks — like Jessica Alba’s mom’s stern decree about skincare.

And of course, these celebrity moms gave advice on how to be a mom too. “My mom has always told me the most important thing you can give your child is love,” Heidi Pratt shared — and really, is there a more important bit of advice than that? Even without giving advice, moms are teaching us with their words and their actions all the time. These quotes from celebs’ moms prove just how much our moms’ advice really sticks with us.

Here’s the best advice these stars got from their moms.

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