Victory over fear is what makes the return of sports essential

The data says that roughly 80 percent of COVID deaths have occurred in those 65+. It says that a far greater percentage of those participating in these sports will be well below those years. The data says that, besides age, physical health is the two greatest predictors of COVID hospitalization, and that the majority of those who will be involved in these games rank in the extreme upper percentile in that category. It says that, apart from common sense hygiene and social distancing, a comprehensive test and trace program is perhaps the most significant safeguard against outbreak, and it says that both the NBA and MLB will have such a program that far exceeds the capabilities of even the most competent of nations. The data says that each televised game will draw an additional audience that numbers in the hundreds of thousands or even millions times greater than whatever summer rerun would be on in its place. And, as we are increasingly seeing at the nation’s beaches, the data says that if those hundreds of thousands or millions aren’t watching sports, they will engage in activities that guarantee far more exposure.

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