Lukashenko holds meeting to discuss construction of hi-tech farm near Minsk

MINSK, 2 June (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko held a meeting to discuss the project to organize the full-circle hi-tech agricultural production for 2016-2032 on 2 June, BelTA informs.

“This will be the first enterprise of the kind in the region. It will be focused on the highly efficient feeding of animals. It will generate colossal effect in animal husbandry and related industries. This enterprise which is currently being built near Minsk is like a nuclear power plant, which first power generating unit will be launched in the near future. It is like the production of high-precision weapons in Belarus, space projects, which we are implementing and on which we are working now. It involves advanced technologies, it is our future. Add IT parks and digitization of our country, not only of the economy, to that. This is the future of our state, just like the future of any state,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

In his words, some people have ‘forgotten’ on purpose that the country is working on colossal hi-tech projects worth billions. “These projects will help us look into the future. Perhaps, some would prefer this to be done in a more grandiose manner. But we must understand that this is huge money. This enterprise is not new to the world. But of course, not every country can afford such projects. We are implementing this project in cooperation with the People’s Republic of China on agreement with Xi Jinping. As far as I understand, we will be able to launch this production facility in a year or two,” the president said.

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