Local business owners respond to unrest in Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Wichita business owners are responding after learning about local businesses that were vandalized Tuesday night.

“No matter who the business belongs to, you never can appreciate someone damaging someone else’s property,” said Wichita Cheescake Company Owner, Mark Daniels. “But, from a larger standpoint can you understand how frustrated a person is that they would resort to those types of things? Sure, I mean I can.”

Business owners said they definitely understand what has caused the anger that is being exhibited across the nation, but they hope things can be handled differently moving forward.

“I hate what happened to all of those families, not just mister George, but everyone who was impacted, I really do feel sorry, even for our business owners, our colored business owners, and our white business owners,” said Pam’s Wings with Things Owner, Darilyn Johnson. “We’re all family in this together and I wish people would really stop the looting part and the destroying part because it’s really going to cost us a lot of money in the end.” 

The business owners said they don’t want emotions to overshadow the bigger picture, which is pushing for change.

“I definitely want to make sure we keep the focus on the reason behind the outrage, which is you know, the issue of systemic racism that’s been swept under the rug for some time now,” said Shock Shop Barbershop Owner, Bryce Graham.

Graham said while he doesn’t want to deter protestors, he asks them to make sure they put their safety first and not lose sight of their message.

“Be strategic in your approach, don’t allow your emotions to dictate your actions, if you can, if you can sit back and take a couple of minutes to think ‘Hey, is this really the way to go about change? Is this really going to accomplish what I want it to accomplish?’” said Graham.


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