Oklahoma State RB Chuba Hubbard says foot ‘still on the gas’ after apology video with Mike Gundy

Chuba Hubbard isn’t satisfied after posting a video with Mike Gundy. Oklahoma State’s star running back is focused on bringing change to the situation.

Hubbard declared that he wouldn’t participate in anything at Oklahoma State until things changed. Current and former teammates backed Hubbard’s standing, which led to him and Gundy posting a video together Monday evening. Hubbard apologized in the video for the way he addressed the issue. The Oklahoma State head coach didn’t issue an apology and instead said “he looks forward to making some changes.”

Hubbard and Gundy’s video has been a topic of discussion on social media. Even after posting the video, Hubbard vowed that his “foot is still on the gas.” Gundy deciding not to apologize led some people to believe it shows the imbalance of power in college football.

Oklahoma State President Burns Hargis tweeted a statement after Hubbard and his teammates took a stand.

“We will not tolerate insensitive behavior by anyone at Oklahoma State,” Hargis said on Twitter.

Hubbard’s decision has received mixed reactions. David Hookstead of The Daily Caller didn’t agree with Hubbard’s choice.

“What an absolute joke of a tweet from Hubbard. While OAN might not be the most popular news outlet on the planet, the idea of boycotting a program over a shirt is so stupid,” Hookstead wrote.

“Even with Gundy accepting that some things around his program need to change, knowing some specifics — both about the culture around his program and what he plans to do going forward — are worthy of further examination,” Wolken wrote.

Hubbard emphasized that change is on the way in another post Tuesday.

“I spoke out because I am emotionally drained and I’m tired of seeing stuff happening without results or consequences,” Hubbard said in part of his post.

WNBA set to return in July

The WNBA is returning in July with a 22-game regular season. The games, including the playoffs, will be played at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.

The WNBA’s return-to-play plan was one of the quickest decisions put together. The season was postponed on April 3, but the league’s decision to return was approved only two months later. The season was scheduled to begin on May 15.

The Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) scored a big win in salary discussions. According to ESPN’s Mechelle Voepel, players are expected to receive full salary, despite the season being shortened from 36 to 22 regular-season games.

A date has not been set on training camps, but they will be held in July. Players will be allowed to medically opt-out of the season if they are presumed as high health risks.

This decision comes about two weeks after the NBA decided it would return in Orlando, Fla.

While the regular season is shortened, the WNBA’s playoff format will remain the same. The first two rounds will be single-elimination, and the semifinals and WNBA Finals will be a five-game series.

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