Shaun Williamson takes on Lucy Fallon on Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family quiz

Quick Fire Round: 

 1. These images represent the name of a song by which rapper?


2.  If these chemical elements were arranged alphabetically in order of their symbol, which would come first?


3.  These footballers have all played for which national team?


4. These letter wheels make up the title of which 1925 novel?


 5. This is the selected CV of which former politician? 


6. FL is the international car registration code for which one of these countries?


7. What is the fourth letter of this author’s surname? 


8. Which icon appears in both these images?


9. These biscuits get their name from which British city? 


10. Which of these words is written in Wing Dings?

A. Packages B. Pancakes C. Passport D. Paradise 


Both families finished with an equal 50 points at the end of the first round. 

Specialist round (Superheros)

1.  What is the name of the superhero who could’ve written this tweet?


2. How many of these characters are usually depicted wearing a cloak?

A. Magneto B. Dr Strange C. Captain America D. Dr Doom E. Wolverine

3. What is the name of this 2011 film in this Ryan Reynolds double bill?  


4. A name from these four celebrities forms the name of which member of the Fantastic Four?


5. What is the answer to this maths problem?


Dr Ranj beat Drew by 20 points, with the score 80 to 60 at the end of the second round.

Observation round 

Both families were shown an image for five seconds and asked a variety of questions on it, with both teams equalising and finishing on 110 points.

Identify round

Put the below people in the correct group of 1) Nobel Laureates and 2) Bond Villains

A. Niels Bohr B. Barack Obama C. Elinor Ostrom D. Alec Trevelyan E. Svetlana Alexievich F. Elektra King G. Rosa Klebb H. Max Born I. Aristotle Kristatos J. Emilio Largo

Laurence  got eight right and beat Min by 20 points, with them finishing 190 to 70 to the Llewelyn-Bowen family.

Final round 

 1. What does the second ‘c’ stand for in this abbreviation? ‘CCTV’

2. The title character in this Shakespeare play could send this instant message? 


3. Which first name links these famous people? 

A) Hughes B) Palin C) Harding 

4. This style of hat is named after a city in which country? 


5. How many of these countries use dollars as their main currency?

A. Barbados B. Singapore C. Canada D. Cuba E. New Zealand

6.  Which of these does not typically contain fish?

A. Stargazy Pie B. Gravlax C. Baba Ganoush D. Salad Nicoise

7. What is spelt out by these notes and letters?


 8. This tourist attraction is located in which city? 


9. If pencils cost 20p each which is the maximum amount that can be bought with this money?


The Singh family won by 20 points and just two questions, beating the Llewelyn-Bowen team at 270 points to 250 points. 

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