Indian IT workers waste 53 minutes a day on outdated tech: Salesforce report

Pune: Indian office workers estimate that they waste an average of 53 minutes a day due to outdated and inefficient technology, according to the Salesforce APAC Employee Engagement report.

This is marginally lower than the 57-minute average across all the countries surveyed.

Further, 85 per cent said that they feel unhappy and unmotivated when struggling with outdated and inefficient technology, with 82 per cent admitting that this affects the quality of their work.

Conducted by YouGov Galaxy, the company surveyed over 1,000 IT leaders and workers across India, Australia and Singapore respectively. About 92 per cent of the workers surveyed said that their expectations of workplace technology had increased because of the kind of technology they used as a consumer. Over 90 per cent IT workers said that their expectations of workplace apps were shaped by the consumer apps they use.

Nearly half the office workers said their workplace technology did not fully support remote working. IT teams will play a vital role as businesses adjust to new ways of working – whether that’s remote work, transitioning back to the office or something in between

In India, six out of 10 workers said that there were times when they were not happy or motivated at work, which has an impact on employee retention and business reputation. Engaged office workers are four times more likely than disengaged office workers to have never considered leaving their workplace, it found. Sixty-nine percent of engaged office workers are very likely to recommend their company to a friend looking for a job, compared to just 9 per cent of disengaged office workers.

IT leaders and office workers also differ in their opinions about workplace technology. While, 76 per cent of Indian IT leaders “strongly agree” that their business’ technology maximises employee engagement, 61 per cent office workers said that the top issue that negatively affects their engagement at work is when technology fails or doesn’t work as it should.

Over half the workers surveyed said that workplace apps helped them do their jobs effectively and efficiently but added that their workplace experience could be enhanced with new or improved apps.

At an APAC level, only 39 per cent of office workers strongly agree that their workplace technology helps them do their job effectively and efficiently.

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