’Hamilton’ paper dolls, 2020 Science in the Summer lottery, Penn Museum mummies, and more kids activities this week

Still-locked library doors means no science workshops. So longtime sponsors GlaxoSmithKline and the Franklin Institute are opening a lottery for future scientists to win sets to use during live online classes in medicinal chemistry, materials chemistry, water chemistry, and color chemistry. Each free packet includes an activities guide, lab notebook, ticket to the museum to use, well, one day, and materials such as effervescent antacid tablets (aka Alka-Seltzer), glue, cornstarch, coffee filters, plastic spoons, a funnel, pipettes, dried butterfly pea flowers — in other words, lots of things you have at home, some you might not. It’s all free, and non-kit winners can participate in the classes. It’s a national program; details for entering the lottery in the Philadelphia region (by county) are at the Franklin Institute site.

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