Walk-On Sports Bistrauex to open soon in spite of coronavirus

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) –

Throughout the past few months, we’ve seen more than a few businesses close their doors because of COVID-19, but one restaurant is doing just the opposite. 

Management at Walk-Ons Sports Bistreaux in Odessa said despite all the curveballs COVID has thrown this year, their restaurant is still set to open on time. 

It’s an odd time to roll out a new restaurant while so many others are still struggling to get back on their feet, but Walk-Ons isn’t breaking their stride. 

“Being able to bring Walk-Ons to this area and bring a true taste of Louisiana to the Permian Basin is a huge ordeal,” General Manager Eric Sudduth said.

Sudduth said the only bump in the road they felt was waiting a little longer for a health inspection since the city’s health department has been a little busy lately.

But as they approach opening management feels the restaurant will be a success in the era of COVID-19 once customers see how well they keep it clean. 

“You have to be firm with having your stickers laid down,” Sudduth said. “You have to be thorough with your policies and procedures. You have to know your policies and procedures like the back of your hand.”

When those doors do finally open, things will look different than in years past with masked employees, socially distanced seating and call ahead seating. 

We asked Sudduth what would happen to their business if the governor goes through with a second lockdown in Midland-Odessa. 

He was optimistic saying they’ve actually found that when customers stay at home their restaurants can still be profitable. 

“In times like these I feel we excel. Our Lubbock location is doing fantastic with to-god. We gained so many new customers from providing excellent to-go service. That’s something we want to excel on here in the Permian Basin.”

Walk-Ons is set to open the first week of August.

They’re looking to hire 75 team members including bartenders, waiters, bussers and hosts.

You can apply by contacting Kelly Parker at 225-330-4533. 

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