Coronavirus: Schools: Reason, logic, science

As a retired teacher and the mother
of a teacher being pressured into returning for in-person instruction, I am
angry. Honestly, I have suggested to my daughter that for her own health she
quit teaching.

Anyone who has worked in a school
building understands it’s a ripe environment for the spread of disease. Why are
the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and school districts defying
the phased reopening guidelines set up for counties by the state? Phase 2
gatherings limit people to no more than 5 outside of the immediate household.
Phase 3 is no more than 50. If the “gathering” criteria were followed, as it
should be for student and staff safety, districts in 22 counties should be
continuing with remote learning only. Districts in 17 counties could create
hybrid models by limiting the number of students in the building at any one
time, rearranging classroom setups for six-feet distancing, providing ample
personal protection equipment and supplementing with remote learning.

School-bus transport is a whole
other issue. And where’s the funding for these changes? My sincere hope is that
reason, logic and science prevail before the start of the school year.

Thesing, Seattle

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