Petition to Attend High School Sports

Since hearing the news that no fans will be allowed at high school sports this fall, one football mom started a petition in hopes of sparking a change.

Melody Faust is a mother of two boys who play high school football.

She said she started a petition in hopes of Governor Wolf lifting the restrictions to allow fans at high school sports in the fall.

According to the PIAA, it was not their decision to allow fans at sporting events, any sports guidance comes from the Wolf administration.

Under Governor Wolf’s order, during the yellow and green phases of reopening, high school sports are limited to student athletes, coaches and officials.

His order states that the addition of visitors and spectators will be contingent upon future health conditions with the state and local communities.

In green phase counties, outdoor gatherings of more than 250 people are prohibited.

But according to Faust, it is possible to use social distancing and wear mask at high school sporting events.

So far her petition has gotten over 3,000 signatures.

“I just don’t really understand why we can have other outdoor activities with a number of people there, I believe the number right now is 250 and we’re not allowed to go watch our children play sports,” said Faust.

Though we’re unsure if these restrictions will be lifted, the PIAA board of directors is set to have a meeting in August.

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