Lake Central sports to go on as scheduled; extracurricular activities removed from school board agenda | High School

But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been precautionary shutdowns.

“We have shut down a couple groups for a three-day period,” Enyeart said. “A couple weeks ago, not because we had to because of the requirements, we wanted to be extra safe and not risk anything early on as we were coming back into things.”

If the school board had support and approved a preps shutdown, athletic programs would have required 10 practices before returning to competition. Enyeart previously said that would mean programs likely wouldn’t have been able to play until Sept. 25.

There are 11 athletic programs in Northwest Indiana that have suspended workouts for at least one sport. They are: Chesterton, Clark, EC Central, Gavit, Hammond, Highland, LaCrosse, Morton, Munster, Portage and Valparaiso.

There have also been at least six Northwest Indiana schools that previously suspended prep sports activities but have since resumed workouts. They are: Boone Grove, Calumet, Lake Station, Michigan City, River Forest and Wheeler.

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