‘Celebrity Call Center’: Mikey Day promotes Akbar Gbaja-Biamila as ‘masturbation expert’ as caller seeks advice

‘Celebrity Call Center’ is helping ordinary people get advice from celebrities and in the August 3 episode, Dorinda Medley, Jodie Sweetin, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and Mikey Day came together to help people out. Among all the calls these celebrities got, one that stood out the most was received by Mikey.

A caller named Chad decided to seek help from the celebrity and the one he got was Mike. Opening up about his problem, Chad revealed that his girlfriend recently caught him masturbating in the bathroom. He further explained that he had the lights off in the bathroom and took his laptop inside when his girlfriend stormed inside and saw him watching porn. Despite being caught watching porn and masturbating, Chad made it clear that he loved his girlfriend and still wants to be with her. However, he does not want to give up on watching porn and masturbating. Mikey admitted that finding one’s partner masturbating is a hard truth to swallow for many people. 

He then explained that the best thing to do in the situation would be to come clean and have a talk with her. Mikey explained his girlfriend needed to know that he liked watching porn and it shouldn’t be a thing to hide. As the show progressed, to get another opinion, Mikey decided to bring in Akbar. Calling him “Celebrity Call Center’s masturbation expert”, Mikey thought Akbar would be able to help the caller out. While Akbar was shocked to hear about this new promotion he got on the show, he was quick to agree with Mikey and thought it would be best for Chad to open up to his girlfriend.

Chad agreed to take the advice. However, before he could cut the call, Mikey had another doubt and asked Chad if he used a lube. Hearing this Akbar put his headphones down and hinted that he is done being on the call. While Chad answered his question and stated that he didn’t, Mikey gave him another advice and asked Chad to start using lube. He agreed and kept the call. While Mikey was happy with how he handled things, Akbar joked that he was ready to block Mikey. 

‘Celebrity Call Center’ airs on Mondays at 10 pm ET on E!

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