Aid for struggling Illinois small businesses to start flowing | Local

State Rep. Dan Caulkins, R-Decatur, said the governor ” continues to try to go it alone.” 

“The legislature needs to be back in session to address the governor’s proposed emergency rules that will fine businesses if their employees or customers do not wear face masks,” he said, adding later, “We expect first responders and teachers to be on the job – the legislature should be on the job too. I urge Gov. Pritzker to call us back into session immediately to discuss the issues concerning COVID-19, Illinois’ fiscal crisis, and passing more strict ethics reforms.”

State Rep. Avery Bourne, R-Morrisonville, in a statement said: ““I wear a mask. I think it is an easy choice to protect our most vulnerable and expedite our economic recovery. I don’t know of anyone who is advocating for no guidelines or restrictions; this is a pandemic. Of course we need a plan. However, for the governor to continue to reach beyond his constitutional authority by imposing new restrictions and mandates is wrong. The General Assembly should reconvene to work on a comprehensive regional COVID response plan for the state.”

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